Under Deck Oasis Frequently Asked Question

How can I receive a Free Quote?
Receiving a quote is very simple! Fill out the Free Estimate Request Form - for faster service, upload 4-5 pictures of the deck area you want covered, as well as a simple sketch of the deck with the deck dimensions.

How can I purchase the Under Deck Oasis Product for my deck?
There are three ways to purchase:
1) You can purchase the product fully installed by our team of professionals, or a trained dealer local to your area.
2) You can purchase a Complete Kit and install the product yourself (for the "Do-It-Yourselfer").
3) If you are a contractor, you can purchase everything you need by contacting us. For all three, please contact us or fill out the Free Estimate form.
In the case that we do not have a dealer in your area, we do have highly trained installation crews that service the entire country. Coming to you is never a problem and very affordable.

How much does the Under Deck Oasis product cost?
There are many, many factors that determine the cost of the Under Deck Ceiling. Prices are different depending on the way you purchase, the finish, deck size, location, cantilever areas, ceiling fans and other accessories, irregular shaped decks, location, and more.
For a realistic and accurate estimate, please fill out our Free Estimate form.

Can Under Deck Oasis match my current gutters and siding?
Absolutely. The panels come in 12 colors in two finishes (painted and wood grain), as well as a rustic texture finish option. We have not found a house yet that we couldn't match a great combination of colors to.

When it rains, where does the water go?
Imagine the Under Deck system as a giant trough that collects the rain water. The panels are slightly slanted to one side to allow the water to move freely into a gutter system that then redistributes the water away from the deck and house.

Can Under Deck Oasis add accessories like ceiling fans and lights?
No problem. We regularly install these items and others, using our experience to divert water from these areas.

How will the under deck stand up to winds?
Unless the winds reach hurricane force, the Under Deck Oasis will not be adversely affected by wind. The reason for this is the panels are securely locked into the carrier system. Our unique carrier design captures the panel on both the top and the bottom. So, wind force from above (through the deck surface) will push the panel deeper into the teeth of the carrier. Wind from below or side will push the carrier against the carrier body. The space that the carrier locks into is precisely controlled through the manufacturing process to allow the panels to fit in the teeth with little excess room for movement.

How does your system do in snow and ice?
Our system is made from sturdy aluminum and has an extremely tough carrier system. It was designed in Michigan for Michigan winters.

Can you use aluminum to wrap the outer deck beams and main support beams?
We do not wrap beams with aluminum due to a common problem known as "Oil Canning." Oil Canning is a moderate deformation or buckling of sheet material. This is typically caused by uneven stresses at the fastening points. We are currently looking at other solutions for this common request.

"Oil Canning" in aluminum.

Do you wrap support posts?
At this point we do not wrap support posts. Wood often twists as it dries, particularly if it's a lower grade or if the sun hits one side more than the others. Posts are particularly prone to this problem because one end is always free to do what it wants. Pressure-treated posts are even more likely to behave this way because they're saturated with water and chemicals during the treatment process and often haven't dried out enough before they're put in the ground.

Twisting and warping wood make it difficult to wrap support posts.

Twisted and warped posts make doing an effective wrap job difficult, though many of our homeowners choose to do this themselves after the Under Deck Oasis system is completed, which is what you see in many of the pictures on this site. We are open to hear about solutions for wrapping support posts.

What do you do about bolts that stick out of our support beams?
It is very simple: We take the bolt and reverse it so it sticks out the other side, or we lose the bolt altogether and sink in screws to hold the board in place.

Does the aluminum system react with AQC treated lumber?
Any lumber that was created after 2005 no longer has the AQC in it. It was arsenic in the wood that would react with the aluminum. Generally the arsenic would leach out of the wood after a few years, so in most cases it would not matter.

I've seen Under Deck paneling in big box home improvement stores. Why should I pay more for this?
The Under Deck Oasis system is made from all aluminum components (most knock-offs are made of Vinyl). The patented panels interlock to form a seamless and water tight system that redistributes water and is guaranteed to keep the space under your deck dry - lets see the others do that! The Under Deck Oasis team is fully trained and factory certified, and we guarantee that your deck will not leak. We offer full training on installation if you choose to install yourself, which is a level of support you simply cannot get from big box stores.

Is the Under Deck Oasis product protected by any Warranty?
Sure. We have one of the best warranties in the country. View it Here and you can also download a copy.

I'm a "Do-it-yourselfer" - is there instructions and help available?
We are committed to making sure your Under Deck Systems works right. First, view the Installation process on this web site, and make sure you feel comfortable doing the work yourself. When you're ready to purchase we'll walk you through and make sure you have exactly what you need to complete the project. And of course, we are available during regular business hours for support and to answer questions as you go.

I'd like to have the product installed from start to finish, how do I find a dealer or contractor?
The best way is to give us a call at 1.616.425.8188 and we'll recommend the best contractor for the job. Also feel free to fill out the Free Estimate form.

I'm a contractor and I'm interested in carrying the Under Deck Oasis product, how do I get started?
Find out more HERE, or give us a call (616-425-8188) and we'll get you on board. It's very easy. We offer a full range of support from training to marketing materials and everything in between.