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We love to hear from our customers! Below you will find a selection of REAL customer testimonials from happy customers across the country.

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"Randy did an incredible job on the installation. We love the ceiling, and it made it possible for us to turn an unused space into a our own little "oasis". You'll notice that I added new siding, low voltage lighting on the walls, ceiling fans, and speakers, and screened it in as well. Again, thanks for doing such a fantastic job!"
- Kevin O. • Coopersville, MI

"We are very pleased with our under decking. The install was done on schedule and turned out really nice. The installers did a great job and very professional. It looks great and is a huge improvement over what we had."
- Gary J. • Jackson, WI

"After doing many hours of research, it was clear to me the best choice for my under deck ceiling was Under Deck Oasis! Their product is far superior to vinyl alternatives. The whole experience with them was outstanding from the first phone call. Their customer service was awesome and they were always very timely and responsive with questions and planning. As for the finished product, it is everything we asked for. It is clean, neat and 100% dry under the deck! It is like adding another room to your house! Couldn't be happier with Under Deck Oasis!"
- James W. • Pittsford, NY

"We love our Oasis Under Deck. We can spend even more time outside enjoying our deck rain or shine. It was the best investment we've made to our condo living. The install team did a wonderful job...very friendly too! "
- Susan F. • Grand Rapids, MI

"The installer was knowledgeable and worked around our unique requirements. He was very professional and did a great job on the installation. The overall process was easy well worth the money. "
- Charles P. • Beaverton, OR

"Very nice addition to our home. Should have done it years ago. Very easy to deal with and our installer Aaron was great."
- Tony T. • Wintersville, OH

"All dry here. I love this under decking. I'm glad I chose Under Deck Oasis. "
- Jim L. • Pittsburgh, PA

"I just wanted to write to you to say how pleased I am with the under decking. The installer was amazing and beyond efficient and professional. It really makes a huge difference and is completely dry underneath!"
- Debbie H. • Pinehurst, NC

"We have thoroughly enjoyed our patio since having Under Deck Oasis help us out! We have had several large rains since the installation and not one drop of water!! Very happy with our decision to use Under Deck Oasis!"
- Jennifer F. • Ada, MI

"Best decision I ever made. I love my deck now."
- Rosiland S. • Oakland, MI

"Under Deck Oasis turned the small, unused, dirty area under my rear deck into an absolutely beautiful addition/extension to our pool patio area!!! This otherwise wasted area is now the "place to be" in our back yard! Awesome job!"
- Chris S. • Abington, MA

"Friends and family enjoying our Under Deck Oasis. Just love the freedom to enjoy, even in winter with snow above. Great product. Thank you Under Deck Oasis"
- Dan P. • Manitou Beach, MI

"This was the best thing that we did when we built our deck, putting the under deck system in."
- Dick D.

"Under Deck Oasis has turned our lower deck into one of our favorite rooms in the house."
- Richard A. • Alexandria, VA

"Under Deck Oasis turned a great deck into an awesome deck. It added the finishing touch and allowed us to screen in the top deck. The installer arrived as planned, worked efficiently and was very professional. "
- Tim T. • Congerville, IL

"It's a rainy day but it is bone dry beneath the deck. We have added 560 sq ft of outdoor living space at a reasonable cost. Great investment."
- Dan R. • Lee's Summit, MD

"We love being able to sit under our deck and not get wet. Our installer was very professional and efficient. "
- Bob & Linda M. • Allendale, MI

"Workmanship is great. Puts the finishing touch on my space. All I need to do is paint. "
- John S. • Union, KY

"We love our new ceiling! The install guys were professional and very friendly, and their workmanship is top-notch! Our patio is now our favorite living area of our whole house -- thank you for converting a dark, drippy area into a bright space that stays dry in even the hardest rainstorms."
- Brendan & Shelley R. • Leesburg, VA

"It's so relaxing sitting outside when it rains without getting wet. The whole family loves it!! Looks great and had a very professional installation!!"
- Chris B. • Nanuet, NY

"Wanted to let you know that we love our new livable space underneath our deck. We have gone through several rain storms (and even a blizzard) and the under deck oasis system has held up quite nicely! Your crew was very professional and did a great job of installing the system. As many of your other customers have stated, this investment was simply one of the best investments we made to our outdoor space"
- Suk C. • Fulton, MD

"I just wanted to say how impressed we were with Jamie. He definitely knew what he was doing at installing the underdeck materials. He worked yesterday until the job was done and work space were cleaned up and was around 10:00 PM . He left before I could get to him to give him money to buy his dinner."
- Jerry and Marry M. • Milan, IL

"Just a note to say thanks. I have finished my underdeck and it turned out great. We even had a few strong rain storms and "NO LEAKS". Your product is far superior to any other underdeck system that I checked out and a novice like me didn't have any problems installing it. Of course the video helped a great deal and kept me from missing any steps. I have included a couple of pictures of the finished project. Thanks Again and Best Regards"
- Jim S.

Very excellent product and would recommend anyone looking to expand outdoor space to give you great folks a call!!!
- Michael M. • Clarkston, TN

"We so enjoyed that the company president, Tony, actually did our install. What a pleasure!! We are so enjoying the space it has provided for us. And, after Under Deck Oasis was installed during a renovation project, the contractors and subs all appreciated the comfort in which they were now able to work in because of your product. Thanks very much."
- Susan K. • Friday Harbor, WA

It is a great system that goes together fairly easy and quickly! Great product!
- David M. • Lowell, IN

"The Oasis Under deck is a very attractive addition to our home. As a do-it yourselfer, I took on this project for our 12' x 32' deck and amazingly I had fun doing it. The good people at Oasis were part of the success, always available to assist me with valuable advice throughout the process. I now enjoy sitting outside under the deck watching the rain, staying dry."
- Eddy C. • Edina, MN

Our Under Deck Oasis looks great!
- Timothy E. • Ashland, NH

Installer was great to work with. We had an abnormal gutter/downspout system, and installer "made it work" to our excuses.
- Tom D. • Camp Hill, PA

Great looking product and doesn't leak
- David M. • Auburn, TX

"Hi Dan and Zach, My Husband and I want to tell you how much we love the under deck ceiling. We had a MASSIVE rain storm last week, that flooded our back yard but not one drop was under our deck….awesome job to Randy and thank you both for being nice and putting the customer first! Thanks."
- Michael and Terri P. • Baltimore, MD

"I purchased this systems with a trainer to help my dad and I install. My deck has several angles and two levels I choose this product because it looked cleaner than the vinyl systems. Our deck took 3 days but it would have taken longer had we not spent the 500 of having the trainer (Randy) get everything lined up. Over all it was one of the better experiences I have had with a unknown product. Thanks Dan and Randy"
- Kevin D.

“We are thrilled with BOTH of our Under Deck Oasis ceilings, as well as with the customer service provided.” 
- Jan M. • Keswick, VA

“It's one of the best things I've done to my house.”
- Barbara B. • Columbus, OH 

“It's one of the best things I've done to my house. The spaces created are everything we want and we never realized the advantages from keeping water off AC’s etc. We definitely are happy and everything looks good.”
- Chris F. • Norfolk, VA

“We are thoroughly enjoying our Under Deck Oasis System and it would be my pleasure to be a reference for you and the team.”
- Dan T. • Woodbridge, VA

“I am very pleased that I chose the Under Deck Oasis product to complete the living space under my deck. The patio where we installed the Under Deck has an outdoor kitchen that was unusable when it rained. So it has made my patio so much more functional. In fact this past 4th of July it was very rainy, but we were still able to enjoy being outside with a large group and use the patio kitchen.”
- Brian H. • Bettendorf, IA

“The finished look is beautiful”
- Robin O. • Gilford, NH

“Randy did a great job with the install!  The deck ceiling looks fantastic.  We haven’t had a hard rain yet, but did not have any issues with a light rain.  I would be happy to be listed as a reference for you.  The only constructive feedback I would have for you is that scheduling wasn’t as smooth as it could have been.  I understand you’re busy and I am very pleased with the finished product!  I appreciate your follow-up.”
- Laura K. • Cary, NC

“We are very happy with the product and the job you did on the installation. It looks very good and matches the house trim. It is really great to be able to grill and use my smoker completely out of the rain. This last winter I blocked off the windward side of the lower deck and kept grilling all winter. We are storing our pool supplies and equipment under the deck also seat pads etc. everything stays dry. Thanks for a great product and installation.”
- Bob G. • Rockford, MI

“Service was great & everything is working okay!”
- Ken K. • Rapid City, IL

“We are thrilled with the results!  Under Deck Oasis is the only way to go!!”
- Sherri D. • Leesburg, VA

"Hello Gentlemen, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know we are thrilled with the finished product. From start to finish the experience was a good one. I also want to HIGHLY recommend the local Handyman / Contractor, Alan Lynch who installed your product for us. Alan did a superior job in a timely manner at a very fair price. We couldn't be more pleased with YOUR product and HIS work! If Under Deck Oasis needs an installer in the Reno/Sparks area, Alan Lynch would be a great asset to your organization. In fact, it was Alan who originally sent me your website when I told him the problem/issue we had with “How do we waterproof our deck so we can use it in inclement weather”? All the best and continued success with your terrific product"
- Mark S. • Reno, NV

"The guys did a fantastic job and were very professional and pleasant. The ceilings on both decks look incredible!! Really exceeded our expectations. Your website pictures and sample do not do it justice. Thank you !!"
- Belinda M. • Hingham, MA