What is an Under Deck Drainage System?

An Under Deck Drainage System, also called an Under Deck Ceiling, is like a dropped-ceiling underneath your second story deck. The ceiling actually collects the rain water that would normally fall between the deck boards, and moves it into a rain gutter and away from your deck.

It is similar to the construction that we all see at a gas station above the Gas Pumps. There is no sloped roof, but an engineered metal panel collection system attached to a frame work. A similar frame work already exists on raised decks. The system simply collects the water and slopes it into to a gutter. The gutter slopes to a downspout, the downspout drains the rain into a controlled location.

Simply put, it’s a waterproof ceiling attached to the bottom of a deck.

An “Under Deck Drainage System” is also known as:

  • Under Deck Ceiling
  • Deck Ceiling
  • Deck Ceiling System
  • Tray Ceiling
  • Under Deck Tray
  • Under Deck Gutter
  • Deck Gutters
  • Deck Roof
  • Under Deck Roof
  • Under Deck Pan

How Can an Under Deck Drainage System Benefit You?

Under Deck Oasis can provide your home with a greater living space. You may have never thought of using the space below your deck, but the truth is you can! Under Deck Oasis can give your home more space by creating a roof under your deck, keeping you dry and in the shade for the lifetime of your home.

Under Deck Oasis also hides and eliminates ugly mold and stains.

What can I do with my new under deck space?

Have you ever started grilling dinner, only to have the rain come in and ruin your plans? Are you tired of moving your expensive outdoor furniture every time a little weather comes? Under Deck Oasis is the premier solution to these problems.

Under Deck Oasis makes it possible to keep the party going no matter what the weather is. Don't worry about your grill, hot tub, and patio furniture being ruined by moisture.

Here are some other ideas for usage:
  • Hot Tub
  • Storage
  • BBQ Kitchen
  • Screen Room
  • Work Shop
  • Boat Cover
  • Man Cave
  • Smoking Area
  • Shade Garden
  • Outdoor Theater
  • Tiki Bar
  • Kids Sand Box
  • Putting Green

A Product That Lasts a Lifetime

Under Deck Oasis is an ALL aluminum system. Aluminum is the best material due to its high strength to weight ratio, amazing finish options, and long lifespan. All the components of the system - including the panels, carriers and trim - are aluminum.

Our components are made of the highest quality aluminum alloy. This aluminum will not crack, split, rust or sag, and was selected to endure the elements for a lifetime as a hassle free solution to keeping the space under your deck dry!


The Perfect Combination of Form and Function

Under Deck Oasis does more than just divert water away from your deck space, it also finishes and beautifies the space below your deck. Why spend so much time and money on your home and then leave this valuable area unfinished?

Under Deck Oasis panels come in multiple colors and two finishes. Woodgrain finishes give a realistic appearance of wood for that natural look and feel, while the painted panels give a clean and modern look at a lower price. Smooth and Rustic finish options provide even more customization.


Value that Creates Value

Under Deck Ceilings can also increase the value and sell-ability of your home. The money spent on improving your home's functionality will be a well made investment for your family and your future. With Under Deck Oasis Warranty you can be sure that you can count on our dedication to quality and providing a great experience for our customers.

So what are you waiting for? Request a Free Under Deck Analysis Now!